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Cancellation Policy

When it is necessary to cancel an appointment, 24 hour notice is required, except in the case of an illness or emergency.  The clinic employs a 24 hour answering service if a cancellation must be made outside clinic hours.  Patients will be charged the full fee for improperly canceled or missed appointments.  Unlike a physician or dentist’s office, only one patient can be scheduled at a time for counseling.


Duty to Report

Therapists in this facility are mandatory reporters (in accordance with WI Stat. - 49.141) in regard to abuse reported by victims under the age of 18. Therapists in this facility have a duty to warn (in accordance with WI Stat. - 51) in regard to danger to self or another.


Insurance & Billing Information

It is YOUR responsibility to contact your insurance carrier to determine if your insurance will cover outpatient psychotherapy and/or psychological services and to what limits this coverage extends.  Payments by insurance companies vary widely.  Insurance payments rarely meet what the therapists charge, and you are responsible for the balance.  Patients are billed monthly.  Interest of 1.5% will be added to your monthly balance if payment is overdue by 30 days.  Should your account be turned over to our collection agency, you will be responsible for their collection fee in addition to the amount due Community Counseling Center of Madison, WI, Inc.



You may not be treated unfairly because of your race, national origin, sex/gender, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation.  We are a safe space!



Many insurance companies require preauthorization for services.  Patients are responsible for notifying the clinic if such preauthorization is necessary.  We will do whatever paperwork is needed to obtain preauthorization, but failure to notify Community Counseling Center of the need for preauthorization will make you liable for any charges your insurance company refuses to cover.



Your treatment information must be kept private (confidential), unless the law permits disclosure (see duty to report).  Your records may not be released without your consent, unless the law specifically allows for it (see duty to report).  Click here to access our release of information form. 


Rights and Grievance Procedure

Click here to access our Client Rights and the Grievance Procedure form.